Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Boys

Layton- he is our easy toddler
-His facial expressions are still so dramatic and hilarious
-He is talking so great
-Layton is a good scowler (you can tell in pic)
-He eats the bread and not the meat, for any meal that has those two combined
-Layton is a runner, he is fast, and is constantly runnning
-He definately has favorites, he's not an 'i love everyone' kind of kid
-He has gotten 110% more cuddly than he used to be, and I LOVE it
-Layton loves story time, and movies
-He loves to draw, that is HIS thing, on all of the papers they send home with us from nursery, his paper is always full of scribbles, and kasen usually has hardly nothing more than a line on his
-Layton is such a great sleeper, the only time he ever wakes up is if Kasen is loud enough for long enough and wakes him up
-He has super smiley eyes, and the cutest little smile
-Layton is more cautious, he wont jump off of things as much as his brother
-Layton is our dancer. He is always movin his arms and trying to move his body to a beat
-He LOVES playing simon says, his favorite is, simon says "do circles" and simon says "dance"
-He also loves doing our card matching game, and has gotten pretty good at it. He knows almost all the pairs now.
-This kid LOVES to laugh, and his laugh is just so contagious! Man we love him. He is so funny.
-Layton loves to be outside and go on walks
-He has a hard time waking up, it takes him a good twenty minutes or so to be himself again
-He loves imitating everything lately. oh my gosh it's so funny
-Layton is the kind of kid that doesn't need anything big or spectacular to make it special. He is super content with just any old ordinary toy. He would be more content and happy with a whistle than other kids would be with a pony. I think he is special that way, he find a lot of happiness in little things, and more often than not makes his brother want what he has just because he is so happy with it.

-Kasen's talking is really awesome, we can actually have conversations (more or less)
-Every time he sees me, he will open his arms, and run to me yelling.... MAMA!!!!!
-You have to repeat what he says or he will say it over and over and over and over and over
-When we say prayers.... during every single prayer he says, " heavenly father, thank you... monkeys, elephants, snake, giraffe, hippo,' EVERY TIME!!!! We have to repeat it after him or he will keep saying it till no end
-He loves to sing, 'clean up, clean up' with me when we are picking up the toys together
-He is smart, he knows all his colors. Sometimes he needs little reminders with yellow and orange, but he does really good.
He can also count to five, and knows some shapes. (circle, square, rectangle, triangle)
-Kasen loves to learn new words, and will usually giggle at himself when he tries to repeat the word we are teaching him
-EVERYTIME he gets hurt even a little he yells, " Mom mommmm.... kiss!" then everytime i give him a  kiss he says "all better!" then laughs and usually runs away. He is our persistent little guy, he will ask for a kiss until he gets one that's for sure
-Kasen's hair always sticks up in the back, you've probably noticed from pictures
-He seriously absolutely LOVES his nursery teacher. Sister Wells is her name and she is a gem! I'm not kidding you when i say he loves her. Everyday this week he says, "mom... church.... lets go..." Literally multiple times a day he asks if we can go to church. They usually sit across from us at church, and Kasen will run to her the minute he sees her during Sacrament meeting, and he will not come back to me. Last week he walked to her bench and stood there. She didn't see him cause she was talking to a lady in front of her. But he stood there just waiting for literally like 3 minutes. It was so cute!!! there is no way he coming back to us, he was waiting for her to see him. Anyway the last month or so he has been sitting with her through all of sacrament meeting, then she has him for two hours of nursery. I feel bad for her, but she insists she loves it and always says how much she loves him . She even told me last week, that she always asks him if he wants to go sit with his mom, and he says No! haha i don't care, i think it's so funny. I know that kid loves me, he's a major momma's boy,

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