Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pretty sure.....

So sometimes when the boys don't want to go to sleep, they have discovered that they can flip over their laundry basket, stand on top of it and turn the light on. Brilliant right?

The other night, noticing the light was on, Thomas storms in their room, and the boys flee the scene and dive into their beds. Spankins are next and Thomas yells, "Who turned that light on? I'm pretty sure it was one of you!"

I'm sitting on my bed and start laughing, while thinking...'duh of course it was one of them no one else is in the room'.... then after a long pause... he says... "I mean I know it was one of you!!! Now get in you beds and don't do it again. Love you guys."

It was probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments, nonetheless we always laugh when we think about it and kid to eachother that it was 'probably one of them'.


Unknown said...

Totally got this Kayla. Haha thanks for the laughs guys!

Unknown said...

Don't you just love how they do that? Ty does that and then we have to take out the light bulbs for a few weeks and then we give her another chance. With the warning that if she turns on the light it will be broken again.