Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This morning we were playing in the boys room and Kasen was pretending the banana chair was airplane, (it was propped against the other one), well he leaned too far over and the chair fell over and he fell off. Normally I would go help him instantly but this time Layton took over. It was so sweet because Layton says, "ok? ok? ok?" while Kasen is crying. Then he goes and gets his pillow for him, and all the blankets on his bed. He put the blankets on him and patted his back while going "shhhhh shhhh shhhhh its ok sitke"....yes he calls Kasen 'sitke' it sounds like he is trying to say stinky, sticky, or sicky maybe? haha anyway, i just thought it was so sweet :)

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The Potries said...

so cute kk! I love it. Kecker does the same thing with Tacey! kids are awesome!