Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Mess

Today the boys had nachos for lunch. They ate while I went and folded a load of laundry in my room.
Soon enough Kasen comes in my room
Kasen: Mom, big mess!
Kasen did you guys make a big mess with your chips?
Kasen: YES!
Kasen you need to go and pick up all the chips off the floor. When I come back in there, it better be all clean
Kasen: ok mom

----30 seconds later----
Kasen: Mom all clean
You cleaned it all up bud? its all clean?
Kasen: yes.
ok let's go check it out.....

----- we walk in the kitchen-------------

UGH!!!! BOYS look at this mess!!!!!!!
Kasen: Mom, big mess.

oh my heck they threw all their chips on the floor and smooshed them all over everywhere..... and of course.... we have carpet under our kitchen table. ugh......haha

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