Monday, January 28, 2013


I just haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I'm not really sure why I feel that way, but hence the lack of it lately. However, I know I will regret it, probably sooner rather than later if I don't just get my act together.

On Jan.9, we finally found out where we are going to be for Thomas' clinicals. We are heading to Ephrata, WA at the end of march, and then to Weiser ID in September. For records sake, i'm going to  tell how those placements came about. None of this is for any attention, I just want to have this in our family record.

The 'placing' of students is pretty much random luck. You put your name on a piece of paper and place it in the city/town that you would like to go to, and then the professor draws. If you don't get picked in the first round, you go to your next choice. Anyway... our first choice was to stay here in Wenatchee, and actually Thomas got drawn to stay here in Wenatchee.......... this is wear I get teary and terribly proud of my husband... You see there is a guy in his class who is a member of the church, but does not go anymore. When he was a 19 (i think), his mom died of hodgkinsons disease. It was right before he was supposed to go on his mission, but it was too much for him, and he kind of went off the deep end and got into a lot of not so good things. He eventually got married, but then someone broke into their house and his wife was killed . Eventually he got married again and now his wife has Hodgkinsons disease and is going through chemo right now...... This guy (Tony is his name) did not get drawn to stay in Wenatchee. (he was going to drop out of the program if he couldn't stay in Wenatchee, because of his wife's situation) 

So Thomas without a second thought, gave Tony his place in Wenatchee. Thomas told him, he would only give it to him, if he would start going back to church and get sealed to his wife in the temple. With tears in his eyes he told him of course he would. Later that night he sent Thomas a heartfelt text telling him how he could never repay him for this, and that his wife couldn't be more grateful, and that he would send us an invite when they got sealed. Thomas told me later that night that he had been having a feeling all morning that we weren't going to be staying in Wenatchee. He said he had been thinking about Tony and that he would of course give his spot to him if he didn't get picked to stay. I am just so proud of my husband and for the wonderful guy he is. I am grateful for the changes he has been making in other peoples lives and for his good heart. Later that night he received a bunch of texts from classmates telling him how incredible they thought it was that he would do that for Tony. I am proud of him too, and hope that someone would do that for us if we were in that situation. I am grateful for his example to me and everyone else. At first I selfishly wished someone would trade with us so we could stay, since we have kids and most everyone else is single and a little more easily mobile, but I feel like our time here is done, and that new things await us in Ephrata. 

As for the Weiser clinical site, Thomas found that site on his own and made all the arrangements to go there. We are really excited about going to Weiser, as it's a small Idaho town, cheap living and close to my family :) perfect! :) haha


Jessica Hall said...

Kayla, I loved this post! You guys are so great!!! I love your positive attitude and excitement for a new adventure. Good luck :) Love ya girl

Unknown said...

I read this to Kevin and he say's: Wow, Thomas is a stud!
I too got teary eyed. I can't believe what that man has had to go through, that's insane. We sure love you Thomas, way to be! I'm so glad you guy's are happy and enjoying life!!

Rachel said...

Man, Tony has had it rough! So glad Thomas was there to step in. Of course you guys would do something like that! I wouldn't expect any less from the Nelsons! You will have wonderful new adventures in your new towns. No doubt there are more people there that you are supposed to influence and help.

The Potries said...

wow that is so cool! did not know that that's how it all worked out! Thomas is a pretty awesome guy! you guys will be blessed! I love ya