Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Home/Childhoof Part 6

This was the saddle shed.
*I remember saddling up the horses here, all the time.
*Cleaning out the graineries

Most of the pictures I have posted were taken when they were almost done moving everything out, that's why everything looks so empty
*I remember Janae and I would always play 'horse racing' in here. We would climb up on the saddles and we would switch 'horses', every so often. The options were Shantago and Quincy (our horses at the time). We would act like we were riding, and kick, and shout at our horses and yell out a play by play... for what our 'race' was turning out like.
*Mostly this shed just reminds me of getting the saddles and bridles out, to go riding
*We also kept the fishing stuff in here (to the right- not shown in pic)
Other memories of area-ish-
*Casterating that dad burn colt. It was crazy.... there were like let's see.... Me, Thomas, Anna, Ammon and Dad and seems like maybe one or two other people..(tyanna or janae??). anyway we were all holding this 'drugged' colt down, pulling on ropes and everything, but he was a little crazy and floppin everywhere. Got the job done, but ya that's a memory!
*Dad and I were working out on the skidder one day, somehow he dropped a drill on my head (ow!)  I think he was just setting it down above me and it fell off.
*Branding cows down the alleyway and Mom bringing cold water or lunch out to us.
*Painting all the sheds and barn
*Saucering behind the ski-doo round and round the alleyway/ field/ back road (getting soaking wet from melted snow)
*Hauling hay
*Feeding horses and cows
*Doing doughnuts on the ice with the fourwheeler
*Getting bucked off a horse and landing on barb wire fence- getting 37 stitches

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