Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Home/Childhood Part 5

I think I already showed this picture, but here is our barn.

This was the water room and medicine storage place for the animals.

*I remember one time we had a dying calf. We had done everything. Given it electrolytes, scour pills for days, and probably a bunch of shots and other stuff that I don't remember. I do remember however we brought this baby calf in this room and filled the sink with really warm water and put the calf in their trying to warm it up. It died.

*I always remember going in here to get scour pills in the early cold mornings, to shove down calves throats. City people wouldn't know this but ya you gotta stick practically your entire hand and some of your arm and shove the pill down their throat so they can swallow it.
*This is a multi purpose room.
My Dad kept all his tools in here.
 Stored snowmobiles, tractors, full sacks of grain, and whatever else in there.
*I remember Dad asking to go get this size of wrench or that, and I could never find stuff. He knew where everything was though.
*Mostly reminds me of my Dad all greasy and working on stuff, looking through tools and fixing stuff.

 We always called this the 'little blue room'. Originally when we used the barn for more barnish type things, this is where we kept the calves over night so they could suck on the momma so we could milk in the mornings. It was filled with shavings. 
*You can hardly tell but there are glow in the dark star stickers on the wall. I always thought that was so cool. Apparently this was Teija's room when we lived here and then a boy we rented the house out too when we moved to our new house stayed in this room. So crazy to think about. After we kind of stopped doing the calving thing, this just became another storage room. I mostly remember this room from cleaning it out every so often to put new shavings in.

 Before we made the barn into more of a shop area this was the main area, and their was a loft. Dad tore the loft out so he could fit the case tractor in their to work on it, so he didn't to out in the cold and wet or mud or whatever. 
*So picture a hay loft or "upstairs". I remember being young but helping fill the loft with little square bales.
*It's hard to picture and describe since it has changed so much, but there used to be a pen area. for more calves or sometimes pigs to the right, and milking stall to the left and another stall that could be accessed from outside so the cows could have some shelter occasionally.
*. That milking stall reminds me of this HUGE cow we had. Seriously she was like 6 feet tall. We named her 'BIG'. She's the one who died and froze and we had to saw off her leg to pull her out of the stall. Sorry if this is TMI, just sayin it how it was.
*One time our dog fudge jumped out of the top window fetching after a rock
*There were baby kittens born up there in the loft. They were so little and adorable when we discovered them. 
*There was a ladder on the outside that we could climb up into the hay loft with- so cool.
*Without the hay loft this became Dad's mechanic area. 


Teija said...

I remember it with all those things you don't really remember! I was not there when Dad took out the boys room, or the loft I totally remember the stairs and all of that stuff!!Funny how much it has changed!

The Potries said...

serious when the calf was dying remember dad pretty much giving it mouth to mouth he was so tired of having so many die he wanted to keep it was so sad. lots of crazy memories