Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All about Kasen Boy

Kasen's Turn
Weight: 25 lbs
Height: 33 3/4 inches

Kasen is full of personality.
Kasen is such a cutie, especially when he is happy.
If he is tired, grumpy or teething... watch out, he can make everyone's life a little miserable.
Kasen is very smart.
He knows lots of colors
He can pretty much count to five by himself
 Kasen is a great talker and can say pretty much everything, and talks in sentences a lot.

Kasen loves all things outside.
He is always in the dirt, pushing his truck or investigating stuff.
Kasen is particularly mischievous.
He will take toys from Layton and throw them or hide them where he can't get them.

Kasen is very stubborn and determined.
He demands attention more so than his brother.
He always wants me to participate in everything he is doing.
He ALWAYS says 'hand, hand, hand!' then pulls my hand to show me something.

Kasen LOVES to jump.
He is also a super funny kid.

 He walked in on me going to the bathroom, heard me going, and said,
"Mommy! YAY!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!" and started clapping and laughing.
Kasen will crawl on my back and say "yeee haw!! go,go, go"

The other day Diva was arguing jokingly with Thomas about being tan, not brown and Kasen says
" I'm brown! I'm tan!"
He says 'poot' for poop.
Kasen is always up for hugs and kisses.
Kasen is friendly and will go to anyone.
He LOVES to say prayers, and will often add things he wants me say, he will say 
" Mom Mom!! cats,cats, cats or pizza pizza pizza so we add in the things he wants to say he is thankful for. So cute.

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