Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 95- Another One of 'those' lists

All about Layton.
2 Year Check Up Stats!
Weight- 25 lbs 
Height- 33 3/8 inches.

Layton is our happy go lucky boy.
He is pretty obedient- for a two year old. 
Layton is really good at entertaining himself, and enjoys doing just that.
Layton loves cars and trucks.
He is talking good and adds new words to his vocabulary every day
He is very lovable.

Layton is full of expression.
He has a great laugh and smile.
His eyes always have a sparkle in them.
Although a good hearted kid, i'm pretty sure you can hear his scream from 5 blocks away when his brother steals his toys from him.
Layton has always been a big time daddy's boy (probably cause I always had to deal with Kasen), but lately Layton prefers his momma more often.

Layton is kind.
He is energetic and loves to run.
 He loves to skip and jump- i just love watching him do so
Layton usually falls asleep with a smile on his face.
He isn't as mischevious as his brother, but that doesn't mean he's not involved with their many schemes, he just seems more.... innocent?
Layton is creative and an explorer.

Layton is really funny.
Last night he copied me and said 'o i gosh owie' (oh my gosh owe!)
He hopped in the bathtub with his pajamas on.
He LOVES playing Simon Says with me, his favorite things to copy are.... jumping, dancing, circles and push ups
 This little boy has a sweet spirit, and is very good natured, and although he can't stand it when people try to hold him or touch him, he will melt your heart.
He is just so HANDSOME!
Love my little man.

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The Potries said...

love him and can't wait to see him! can't believe he weighs that much more then tacey even. lol