Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Home/Childhood Part 7

It's Kitchen Time!!!!
*This is pretty much the view from the entryway/right when you walk in from side door
Oh wow so many memories... where do I begin???
*Whereas the barn and outside triggered lots of memories of my Dad, this picture definitely screams my MOM!
*Coming home smelling homemade cookies, or rolls or cinnamon rolls. My Mom is amazing. She always had fresh after school snacks for us
*Mom standing at the stove making scones. She made the best scones and they were often requested when I had parties and friends over
*Sitting at the island eating snacks, dinner, breakfast
*Doing homework there
*Just coming home from school and chatting with mom
*Late night talks at the island with just about everyone... family, friends... everyone
*My oldest brother Amron making cookies and swatting us with the spatula every time we tried to steal the dough. We would use on of us as decoys while the other stole.
*Speaking of Amron he tied us three little girls (Tyanna, Janae and I) together with Dad's belt. 
*Tearing off wallpaper ( it seems weird now that I think about it, but I don't really remember what the walla paper looks like in the dining room area)
*Dumping out the mop bucket and creating a slip in slide... haha sliding all over on the floor
*Decorating for every season... but we always went all out for Christmas. Tons of decor.
 * Oh this table.....this table has lots of sentiment attached to it
*Family dinners, family dinners and more family dinners....
*When EVERYONE was at home the seating arrangement went like this.... starting from left end and going around far side.... Dad, Mom, Janae, Kayla, Tyanna, Teija, Amron, Aaron, Ezra
*Playing games... the dice game, uno, settlers, train game, chicken foot, pictionary, taboo, mad gab, chess, kent and other card games
*Root beer floats and birthday parties
*Having families over and having huge Sunday meals together.
*Christmas party craziness
*Scratches on the floor
*Decorating the stair way with garland and lights
*Table cloths, the blue one, red one and yellow one
*Kneeling for family prayers, everyone at their designated chair
*Early morning scriptures study around the table

This pictures is just warm and peacful
*Sliding off the wood floor, down the two steps and into the living room
*Painting Easter eggs
*Moving the table to mop under it and bonking my head on the light fixture... Who never had that happen to them??
*Just sitting at the table talking, laughing and enjoying being with my family... lots of inside jokes laughed about at this, Gordon , ruff ruff, she is?? haha only my family will get those...

*Most of my growing up years, the counter tops were blue.
* We had swirly chairs that looks kinda like the kitchen table chairs, and the island was raised up on the back half
 *Playing hide and go seek
*Sitting on the kitchen floor talking to friends/ family on the phone
*Playing with Kasen and Layton and hiding from them
*Us siblings used to chase eachother round and round and round the island
*Sitting on the counter tops socializing
*Cleaning outside of cupboards with a toothbrush
*Tossing glasses to each other as we unloaded the dish washer
*Looking out the window at the beautiful view and loving life, while washing the dishes

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Teija said...

love reading all your posts about home!