Monday, October 29, 2012

My Home/Childhood Part 10

This is the office.
*I picture Dad sitting on the right chair, paying bills, reading, studying scriptures, going through bank statements etc.
*Staring out the window, usually finding some animal out
*I loved going through the cupboards that had old pictures, wedding announcements and letters.
*Game cupboard was in the bottom corner
*I remember all the crayon/felt/pencil crayon containers, searching for the ones I wanted to use
*Coloring books 
*Chatting with friends
*Hiding underneath the counter tops when playing hide and seek

 Living room
*So many memories of the living room.....
*Practicing the piano for hours and hours and hours
*I remember being little and listening to Teija play the piano. I always thought she was the best piano player in the whole entire world. I wanted to be just like her
*Hundreds of family home evening nights.
*Sunday evening visiting after family dinners.
*Christmas stalkings hanging on the fireplace

*Lots of game playing
*Movie nights
*No one ever being able to reach the fan, always had to wait for Amron or bring in one of the tall chairs
*Christmas tree, decorations, morning time.
*Just all the memories of sitting around laughing, talking and being with family and friends
*There is my piano.... miss playing....
*Taking the cushions off the couch and pretending the ground was lava
*Running on the wood floor and long jumping into the living room... seeing how far we could jump
*Kasen getting into a poop diaper and getting it all over the carpet, his hair, clothes and everythin EW!
*Picture of me and my Dad with a gun on my 16th birthday
*View from the living room into kitchen/dining room.

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The Potries said...

I am totally missing it already with winter coming and it being so hot in there all the time a cozy. man love all this kayla good job!