Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Home/Childhood Part 9

Going Upstairs
*Sliding down the stairs,
*Running up and down the stairs.
*Every Christmas morning this was our family tradition. All of us kids upstairs would sit and wait on the top steps while we yelled for Mom and Dad. They would always come out of their room in their pajamas, look in the living room and tell us Santa didn't come this year, to which we would respond with whatevers, and rolled eyes. Then Dad would say it was to early and go back to bed. I'm pretty sure he was 50/50 serious and kidding. Then he would get the video camera out and ask us if we thought Santa came and say merry christmas and everything. I remember thinking HOW SLOW they took to do everything. This anticipation was insane. haha... Then Dad would say ok come on down and see if he came... so we would all run down the stairs and flood the living room looking for our presents for Santa. Awesome memories and tradition. Then we would do stockings and presents. When everyone was done, we cleaned up kind of, and made a HUGE breakfast. Then we would usually play with our new stuff and then go ski-dooing the rest of the day...mmmmmm Christmas. 

* Weird memory... but one time I was sitting at the top of the stairs. Teija was getting mad at the boys cause mom and dad were gone and she was babysitting... and she yelled to my brothers 'you guys don't do jack around here!' I thought she was going to go to hell for saying that, and I got scared. hahaha
*Dad would haul us up there stairs to tuck us in at night. It was so fun. I remember him hauling me, Tyanna and Janae at the same time. One on the shoulders and one in each arm. I remember when I got to big for him to carry me and he would only carry Janae. I had major jealousy issues with that. Funny.

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