Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Home/ Childhood Part 11

Mom and Dad's Bedroom
*So many times I would come lay on the bed with my mom and just talk, or listen to her phone conversations
*Mom being sick or recovering from a surgery or sickness, making her soup, getting her a cold rag, bucket or extra blankets... whatever she needed.
*When we were little and Dad would be gone to camp in the bush all week, we would get to take turns sleeping with mom. It was the greatest. haha... Her bed was always so cozy and warm
*Ordering Mom that quilt as a surprise for her Mother's Day/Birthday present, from all of us kids
*Thomas painting the room
*Amron and Chas installing the floor
*Watching movies. Sometimes if there was a good movie on our 2 channel TV mom would let us get our pillows and watch the movie on the floor with them
*I remember when I was pretty little on Saturday mornings all us kids would come down, every few minutes or so and cuddle on the bed with Mom and Dad. When I think about it now i'm surprised my Dad would actually still be in the house on Saturday mornings. Must have been before we hayed our own fields. I don't know, but I do remember coming down and loving all of us kids huddled together with Mom and Dad
*I remember squeezing in between Mom and Dad and them telling me I was their little girl and that I was special and beautiful and that they loved me.
*Mom plucking her eyebrows- either on the bed or by the window
*Mom reading her scriptures.
*Finding Christmas Presents under the bed
*The white night gown pictures of all the girls.

Love Mom's Bathroom
*Getting ready on Sunday mornings- mom curling my hair
*Getting into Mom's make up and putting it on Janae
*Taking bubble baths in the Jacuzzi
*Watching mom clean the bathroom and helping her... fresh smell of Comet
*New saying on wall......Relax- a long bath can cure just about anything

 *Mom's curlers and make up on the counter
*Tall cupboard up top had first aid kits, halloween make up, bandages, band aids etc, bottom part had towels, lotions, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner etc and toilet paper on bottom.
*Watching mom do her make up. Think how pretty she is.

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