Friday, November 2, 2012

My Home/Childhood Part 12

I wish that I had more pictures of the basement or 'cement part' as we called it. You saw the pictures of the rec room, kitchen, and downstairs bed/bathroom, but the other half of the basement was mostly storage. This  room had two freezers and storage boxes full of clothes/ costumes/decorations/camping gear/books/ and that kind of stuff
*My mom was super organized.... Look how everything is labeled and clean and neat... mind you when we went through the boxes taking out decorations this room was a mad house. 
*We always had to 'run downstairs' and get this or that, hated doing that too... i'm seeing a trend here, I think kids just hate doing chores huh?
*Going through boxes to get halloween costumes, and dress up clothes
*The right freezer was full of meat... hamburger, steak, ham, roast beef, etc from the cows we butchered.. the other freezer (to the left and not pictured) had everything else...
*I don't have a picture but there was another room about this same size that was the storage room. It had shelves just like this and the whole room was full of food storage and some sleeping bags/foamies on the top shelf
*I remember cleaning this room out before mom and dad moved and we spent hours down here going through boxes, deciding who if any of us wanted to take what and what Mom should keep, we seriously spent hours doing this, it was 'fun' to spend time with my mom and sisters
*I remember when Dad would bring home the meat from the butcher shop and organize the freezer with the new boxes and boxes of meat. I remember helping him sometimes and my hands froze
*For whatever reason I remember taking the little Christmas trees down from the top shelf. They were high up and would always fall over on me
*This room was the ultimate hide and go seek room. We would hide on the top shelves, or in corners or in the rafters before there was a ceiling
*One time we had a mouser cat in the cement part for a few weeks or couple months or something. She would always go missing but eventually we would find her up in the rafters usually

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