Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Home/ Childhood 5

This is the downstairs bedroom.
- It used to be a really dark green, love the new colors. Sure brightens it up a bit.
-Not a ton of memories of this room growing up. When Thomas and I came home during the summer I was pregnant, this was our room. That's about it. haha.

Downstairs Bathroom
Again not a whole lot of memories.
I just remember cleaning it a lot.
Laundry room!
-washing old dirty.muddy shoes in the sink
-doing laundry
-Mom kept the big bread pan in the right bottom cupboards. there were also gift bags and a couple shoe boxes down there.
-The far left bottom cupboards had random Christmas decorations
-Middle cuboards were cleaning supplies, and when we milked the cow that's where the milk strainer was.
-probably one of my main memories was straining fresh milk, and then having to wash it all up afterwards.... least favorite job EVER.
- the vacuum was kept in the right closet over there and up above were table cloths, sewing stuff, fabric, pins and needles, glue gun and other odds and ends all neatly organized in containers.
-the left top cupboards had all kinds of laundry soaps, bug dope, other soaps, light bulbs, the iron, spray bottle, and stuff like that
-I looked out this window multiple times to discover 'the cows are out' once again....
-Would always watch Dad feeding the cows, or unloading wood.
-giving the boys baths in the sink
-putting really dirty dishes in the sink to soak
-changing the laundry and organizing laundry piles

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