Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Little Writing Rampage

Needed a break from studying...... here goes my updates and a little bit of venting.

So i've lost my camera, and the lens on Thomas' camera won't open. So we now have no camera and no pictures, and don't know when we will have any. This especially sucks, since the boys' second birthday is in six days.

Life for us has been very crazy lately. It's funny when your life is crazy and unorganized all you want is a routine, then when you have you routine and feel like your doing the same thing every day all you want is a little crazy to be thrown in there. At least that's the way I feel.

There have been fires here like crazy. The whole mountain behind our house about two miles is totally black. The smoke is insane. I've been told from a few people that 500 is at a hazardous level, and it's been around 1,000. My head and throat start hurting with only being outside for a few minutes. It is not fun. The boys and I have been getting a little stir crazy, especially without a car. We can't go or do anything. I try to entertain them and keep them happy, but they have been watching movies lots, because I HAVE to study.

Speaking of studying... I take my CMA exam this Saturday. I have been studying so much, at LEAST two hours a day usually closer to four, for the last 5 weeks or so. I know lots of people have to take big tests like this and study, but man this is scary stuff. I still don't really feel ready, but I also know I have tried my very best to be as prepared as I can.

Thomas is still working full time at a State Park, helping with customers, mowing lawns, trimming, taking care of grounds etc. It's been pretty good, but has gotten REALLY slow lately. Not many campers in this cold, smoky time of year. So he gets pretty bored, and just spends his time trying to look busy. Tomorrow is his last day. It's been a huge blessing for him to be occupied, and for a little bit of income, but he is also glad that he is done.

We CANNOT wait to go to my sisters this weekend. We both feel like we need a little break, especially since Thomas starts school again Monday (boys' birthday). Will be so nice to have this little breather, and extra nice after my test is done on Sat morning. Please send your thoughts and prayers my way that day!

I almost took a job babysitting from craigslist. Took a check that the "employer" sent to me. Took it to the bank to see if it was legit, and it was totally a scam, and a fraudulent check. I was admittingly really excited to start the part time job with good pay, but was also skeptical. Scared me pretty good, and i'm pretty paranoid now. Really disappointing and frustrating.

I have another opportunity to do some babysitting for a single mom in the ward, who works full time. It's awful pay, but want to help her out. I just need to decide if I can handle it, since i'm also watching our neighbors little 3 month old boy for 4 hours in the mornings. Not sure if i can handle a three month old, my boys, and then she has a 3 and 6 year old.

Speaking of our neighbors....(they are the ones that just got married etc). They started coming to church with us!!! :) AND they are having their 5th discussion tonight ANNNNDDDD they have a baptismal date for Sept.29...  :) Ya... that's next Saturday. How cool is that? We just love them. Will miss them terribly when we move sometime. We have been learning some spanish, and eating lots of mexican food. They always give us fruit, and we hang out like every night.

I started selling apple pies, mostly to people in the ward. The ward is so nice, and are trying to be supportive of my 'creative' idea to try and earn a little bit of money. I have sold 5 so far. I get the apples for free since all of our neighbors are hispanic and work in the orchards or at a warehouse,  so they give us apples all the time.

We went and picked peaches for free last night and got a huge bag of pears too. It is really awesome, and we are grateful for free stuff. Now I have to can can can... My friend gave me 24 quarts and a canner. How cool is that? So nice of her. We have plans to can peaches tonight... after the boys go to sleep....probably like all night. Was hoping I could do it next week after my test and everything, BUT the peaches are ripe, and they wont wait for me.

Anyway the guilty feelings of not studying and not playing with my boys are starting to kick in so I better stop my writing rampage and get off the computer.

The boys are getting so big. They are my best friends. Man do they fight and scream and yell and make huge messes and steal toys from eachother a lot, BUT they are also the sweetest, funniest, smartest, best little guys I could absolutely ever ask for. That sentence probably sounds like an oxymoron, but every piece of it is true. I have been so blessed. Their smiles, and hugs and laughs and mischeviousness and kisses and actions are the best. I love them


Rachel said...

Selling apple pies! What a great idea! You guys are so good being disciplined with your money and working hard. And what a cool missionary opportunity with your neighbors! You guys are so cool. We need to be more like that.

Marissa said...

Look at you, you little entrepreneur, you! Nice!