Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Kiddilywinks!!!   A few Things about Them on their Birthday!
We are celebrating until this weekend, but thought I would post some stuff about them.

Kasen's Favorites

Food- peaches, pancakes, cereal, pasta, grilled cheese. cookies
Toy- Big Yellow Tonka Truck
Story- Potty Story, The Wheels on the Bus, Farm Animals, and Truck.Car books
Words- Mommy, ok, 'where'd e go?', shoes, outside, socks,  'I did it!!', hungry, muffin, elephant... he says TONS TONS TONS more... but those are probably the most frequent.
Movies- Wizard of Oz, Toy Story 3, Madagascar 2 and Narnia.
Animals- any kind! This kid just loves animals. Horses, cows, chickens, puppies, bugs, birds etc
Other- going on drives, juice, cuddling, reading stories, wandering off by himself (he is very independent), going on walks, being outside playing in the dirt, trucks, 'Diva', climbing everything, jumping

Layton Favorites

Food- cereal, pancakes, apples, grilled cheese, milk, cookies, bread
Toy-his black truck and motorcycle
Story-Potty Story, Truck and Car books (almost exclusively), The Wheels on the Bus
Words- 'i dunno', daddy, more, moo, yes, daddy, juice, ball, cars daddy cars daddy cars.... yup those are his favorites.
Movies- Wizard of Oz, Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo
Animals- Cows for sure his favorite.
Other- taking the mixing bowls and bread pans out of the cupboard, running, laughing, playing outside, trucks and cars, he really is quite the Daddy's boy. He comes to me for comfort but about everything else he will ask for Daddy.

-Kasen will go pretty much anyone anytime. Layton on the other hand rarely goes to anyone. He doesn't like being touched by anyone he doesn't know... in fact not even anyone he does know.  
-Layton will usually stay close to Mom or Dad. Most of the time staying in view of us. I think Kasen would wander off for miles, without a care in the world-gotta keep a close eye on him
-Layton's laugh is so awesome. He full out belly laughs pretty easily. Kasen just usually smiles and does more of a giggle most of the time.

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Marissa said...

You will love to look back and read these lists. I used to do this for my boys and I haven't for a few years but I love to go back and read about what they were interested at the time. And such in depth! Love it! Happy Birthday, boys! We love you!!!