Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Home/ Childhood 4

 This is the basement, also known as the 'rec room'. Lots of memories down here.
-My earliest memory is we used to have the TV in front of the wall by the wood stove. We had an old brown couch with a big rip in the back. I remember watching Peter Pan and trying to think of a 'happy thought' and I would close my eyes and jump off the back of the couch, hoping I would fly. I was disappointed every time I hit the floor. haha
-We had an airplane toy thing that you could sit on and go round and round and round. We would spend hours on that thing and spin it off the two steps there. I remember thinking it was the funnest and funniest thing that any person could ever possibly do.
-One time we were watching a movie, and my friend Leor came in the house and no one really knew it, anyway he sneaked up behind my mom at scared the living day lights out of her. Seriously she freaked. SO stinking hilarious. She was so mad at him, but of course started laughing afterwards.
-We had TONS of 'Mormon' parties, most of which included watching movies and playing games down here. I'm sure all my friends have memories of the basement.
-Christmas Eve family get together we would have our present exchange down here. It was awesome for big crowds.
-All of us kids used to play baseball, and soccer down here TONS. I remember running around down there playing sports with my brothers and sisters a lot. I'm pretty sure we broke lots of stuff.
-I made my jean quilt down here.
-I remember watching Lion King over and over and over with my sister Janae
-The boys used to play Mario Kart every once in a while
-Me and my sisters played dress up lots down here too

The kitchen wasn't always there, but  was added a little later on. There used to be just toy boxes and toys and stuff along the wall where the cabinets are now.
- Mom used to store all the Christmas goodies in the cuboards. 
Mostly this just reminds me of when my sister lived in the basement, and eating dinner down there with her and their family.
Also, always running downstairs to this or that from the fridge. It was nice having two fridges, but hated running down there all the time. haha remember being so annoyed. Especially when Mom was baking buns and we would have to come down and turn them around, or get them, or bring more down. ugh. lol


Anna said...

Haha I love this. Do you have any pictures of the living room?? Or us in your mom's tub hahaha

Annie said...

I have loved reading your posts about your home! It has reminded me of so many memories- especially since I spent a whole lot of time there in high school. It sure is weird that your parents no longer live there!