Friday, September 7, 2012

My Home/ Childhood 3

So this was our upstairs bathroom.
Funny how pictures just strike weird memories
-I just think of brushing my teeth in the early mornings before going to Seminary or Basketball practice.
-Playing hide and go seek, and hiding in the laundry shoot
-we had a little bin of hair bows in the bottom left under the sink. We had those bows FOREVER. I remember pink ones and purple ones
- the closet to the left was filled with blankets
-up above was random lotions and things
-after siblings growing up and coming back with their families this bathroom got really small really fast on Sunday mornings. I think of Teija, Lana, Marrissa, Lindsey, Me, Janae, Tyanna and Brooklyn and other little kids trying to get a shot of our heads in the mirror to do our hair.
-the smell of hairspray filling the room
-I remember always sitting on the counter top and pulling the outter mirrors inwards so I could see my reflection go on forever- how cool. I would pluck my eyebrows all the time sitting on that counter top
-one time mom cleaned the bathroom spick and span and I distinctly remember thinking she had some kind of super power, because every time I cleaned the bathroom, I could never get it to look like how she did. She was super woman

 Playing hide and go seek and hiding in the laundry shoot (on the right)
-visiting back home with my family-- Kasen and Layton playing in the tub.
-one time I thought it would be a good idea to take a shower and just let the boys play around in the bathroom. They were still pretty young, and I closed the toilet seat and took other precautions. Did NOT work. They were trying to climb in the shower, they pulled on the curtains and the rod fell down etc etc... not a good idea

This was the boys' room (Ezra, Aaron and Amron)
-it had dark blue paint, with a geese wallpaper border at first
-then Amron moved downstairs and the twins got a basketball border. I remember taking down all the geese wallpaper. Us girls were helping mom because it was a surprise for the boys to get the new sports wallpaper. After it was done I thought it was so cool, and wanted to have a basketball themed wallpaper border in my room.
-after Ezra and Aaron moved out, Tyanna got this room.
-for whatever reason I remember one time us three younger girls (me Tyanna and Janae) were super hyper one night and we were jumping on the boys' beds and giggling and yelling and I clearly remember having my pink minnie mouse night gown on and I think the boys were at Bball Practice, because I don't remember them being there. Anyway we were running from room to room, jumping on the boys' beds mostly when we heard my dad yell " GIRLS!!! quiet down up there!!!!" I remember we all giggled ourselves silly and tried to be quiet, but you know how that can go for little kids. I think he ended up having to come up and put us in our beds.

This was Teija's room at first, and it had pink and white flowerly wallpaper over the whole thing... I don't know what after that.... after Teija moved out Tyanna moved in to this one. Then it became Janae's. (Yes I stayed in the same room for my whole life. I felt like I would be abandoning my life if I switched rooms).
- This room mostly reminds me of curling hair for some reason. I guess cause it had a dresser/ mirror with bench to sit on, so we always curled hair in this room
-This picture doesn't show all the shelves to the left, but I painted them

 Just a view from the bathroom door showing blue room and my room would be on the right.
-That hallway closet had blankets, pillows and sheets
-the door never really did shut quite right, probably cause we would always just shove the blankets and pillows in as kids. I hated shutting the closet door. It was really loud too.
-When I was little I remember sleeping on the top of the stairs. Why did I think that was so neat?? No idea. But I loved the thought of it. When I was really little I tried to sleep on the steps.... Close to the bottom in case I rolled over. I seriously remember thinking I was so cool that I could sleep on the stairs. Not sure if Mom knew about that... I think she did a couple times, because I remember her telling me to get back in my bed.
-We slid down that banister when we were little, all the time.
-I remember the day I didn't fit doing it anymore, and my foot kept getting caught or something. I was so confused as to why I just couldn't figure it out anymore
-When mom would tell me to take things upstairs, I would always just set it between the ballisters

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