Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 84- My Home/Childhood 2

So this was my bedroom. Pictures were taken with nothing in it.
*When I was little it had pink flowery wall paper, and then a border of pink teddy bears.
*Next it was a soft yellow, with a purple themed flowered border of wallpaper. I had a matching yellow/purple flower quilt and matching curtains too.
*Then just a couple years ago we painted it this color and got new quilt etc.
*hmmmm what does my room remind me of?
 -nightly phone calls with friends
-journal writing
-sleepovers with friends and staying up super late talking about boys
-staying up really late reading
-I remember wanting to sleep in the closet sometimes. Thought it would be cool to have my own little personal space in the closet. haha.
-I used to lay on my bed and look at the stars out my window
-climbing out my window to hang out on the roof - all the time!
-Around Christmas time, I would always look out at the lights hanging above my window and think of Reindeer and Santa, and I would listen for them on Christmas eve. :)
-Seems like I have ALWAYS had that dresser... -maybe I have.. the dresser just makes me think about all the things I used to have on it. My music playing spinning horse. A teddy bear. Winter decor in winter. Pictures on the mirror. Medals hanging off of side of mirror.

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