Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coming to a Close

I am sitting here reflecting a lot about this semester, while taking a break from the hours of studying I have put in today. My thoughts are scattered, but I hope i can write down the jist of what I am wanting to say. I almost want to type out all the different drugs with their classifications and indications and generic and brand names as im writing this out, because that is what I have been studying all day. I have re wrote all of them out multiple times an feel as if that is all i can think about Between mine and thomas' health classes I feel like i am turning into a little bit of a medical nerd.

I cant believe this semester is almost done. I have been so tempted multiple times to be counting down the days, assignments and tests left, but everytime I start to complain or express my relief for it almost being done I start to feel guilty. Let me tell you why. I have been SO INCREDIBLY blessed. It's hard to even explain or begin to write down all the different ways in which we have blessed. I have been able to finish my degree, even with two little kids. In the last two years I have been able to juggle going to school right after getting married, two semesters while being pregnant, and two semesters with having twins. Thomas has supported me through it all and has watched the boys and we have had good friends watch the boys when our classes have overlapped. I have gotten grant money to pay for my education. I have been able to go to an amazing school with high standards and great people and teachers. So even though I am excited to graduate I am also filled with so much gratitude that I have been able to have the experiences that I have had and to have the eduation that I do. I am grateful to learn and accumulate all the knowledge that I have. Who knows maybe I will go back and finish my bachelors online, since I only have 20 credits left, but for now i'm satisfied with associates in medical assisting. I just have my internship next semester and then my CMA exam. anway this is way scattered, but i'm just thankful that i have been able to go to school.


Unknown said...

Good job Kayla! You are amazing!! Definitely go for that BA, I had no idea you were just 20 credits away! You've worked hard for it!

The Potries said...

ya wow way to go kk! you have done such a great job and i am so proud of you! you are just soo amazing! congrats!

Amy said...

This is awesome! That takes so much work I have no idea how you did it with 2 little boys. SO cool.