Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays :)

Our holidays were wonderful. We headed down to Utah this year to be with Thomas' family mainly, but we also got to hang out with some of mine. We started the fun with a weekend at my sister in laws family's cabin.

The boys liked this cute little toy story couch. Just the right size.

 We had to snowmobile up to the cabin. Luckily it wasn't too cold! It was fun to play in the little bit of snow that was up there in the mountains. We got to go saucering behind the snowmobiles. Fun!

 After the weekend at the cabin we stayed at my mother-in-laws. The boys love to pound on the piano whenever they got a chance, especially with their grandma.

We went to the aquarium one day. It was fun. Layton was BUSY though, holy cow that kid loves to explore and run around. I was chasing him most of the time. I touched a sting ray, it was gross. It felt like slime. ew. Thomas liked it though, and he was playing with them for a while!

This picture just cracks me up! Layton with Grandma Nelson's glasses! :)

After a few days at his mom's we headed to Thomas' dad's place down in Gunnison. There were some perfect sized chairs for the boys, at some friends house. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture with both of them sitting still in them.

We got to take the boys out to see the horses. It was fun for them and they loved just looking at and petting the horses and just being outside.

Christmas eve.... the boys just loved pulling the ornaments off of Nana Christine's tree.
 A tradition all through my growing up years was that we got new pajamas every Christmas Eve. My mom bought all the grandkids pajamas this year. I love this tradition and will keep it going with our family. Love these Pj's so cute!

Kasen is really starting to get the hang of walking now, just needs to get the last little bit of confidence needed to be a pro.

Layton has mastered walking now.
 The found the cereal cuboard, and of course the second no one was watching them, and it was quiet, they were into something.

Oh and here we are.....i bet you can't tell but we hardly ever take pictures of just us anymore.
 Nana Christine with the boys.

Christmas day. Hardly got any pictures, hopefully others did, so i can get copies. The boys were spoiled with blocks, balls, books and clothes.

Ok so Thomas' Dad got the boys the CUTEST pj's ever. They are like those old school looking long johns, ya know that had the but flap in the back and button up in the front. Oh my heck these were just awesome, and then he got them these little cowboy boots that are slippers. We fell in love instantly, I need to take more pictures, but these are the best ones that I got of the whole outfit, we found a hat laying around too!

Great Granpa Nelson, Thomas, Layton, Adam (thomas' brother), Luke (Adam's boy), Grandpa Nelson and Kasen. Four generations. What a fun men family pic. This was the day before we left to come home to Rexburg. Grandma Nelson made home made soup. mmmm.

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Teija said...

Love all the pictures!! Beckett has the same pj's they are soo cute!