Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just some pics of my boys

We had their "15" month check ups even though they wont be 15 months till Christmas Eve... but....

Kasen- Weight 20.8 lbs ---------8th percentile
             Height 30.5 inches------37th percentile

Layton-Weight 20.7lbs----------7th percentile
              Height 29.3 inches-----8%

Kasen is a taller, but for being over an inch taller, he is only an ounce heavier..he has a skinny build. Layton is a bit more solid. They are both rather small though!!! They haven't gained any weight in about 4 months now, but im not too surprised for how busy they are. They are healthy and strong and busy as can be. :)

They just love to be outside. It calms and relaxes them. When they are outside they are busy but they are extremely quiet lots of the time. Just silently enjoying the fresh air. It's cute. They sure love stairs...

Don't know why this one wont rotate.... anway.. Kasen loves this Santa and will always point to it and say "ta, ta"

This little boy LOVES to climb the stairs outside.. They both do, but Kasen has found a particular love for it.
Layton helping Daddy with the tools...
Layton with his walker. :)


The Potries said...

so cute i love them so much and wish we could see you! they are way too handsome!

Mother_Hen_Alms said...

My goodness does Layton ever look like his daddy. They are sooooo dang cute!!!!!!!