Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life... isn't it grand??

i'm just going to start out saying that my shift tab is not working, so nothing in this post will be capitalized, unless its extremely necessary, then i will push on it really hard and make it work.

so many people have told me that the first year of having twins is hard, but it gets easier. well the boys turn 1 on saturday.... (eeeeee!!!! so crazy) and this last week has been the hardest yet. they are seriously reaching a whole new level of busy and demanding. usually by 9pm i say "thomas can we go to bed?"
and im wiped.
i sure do love those little guys though, everyone is always saying how happy and smiley they are, and the all our good friends and neighbors always come and play with them when we are outside. or have the door open. (its open almost all day)... anyway... sooo...

our bed is too soft, and we believe that it is what is causing my hips to go out of place and my siatic nerve to pinch like the dickens. ouch. it sure does hurt. fortunately though, we have a hide a bed, so for the last week or so, we pull out the mattress lay it on the floor and sleep in the living room. its much more firm, and my siatic nerve isn't pinching anymore, at least today it's not. so ya we sleep in the living room and usually fall asleep to a movie.... i've tried to watch "back to the future" part three for the last three nights now. the first two nights thomas would should it off when i fell asleep and we would pick up where we left off the night before, last night however, i only lasted like ten minutes, and i think i remember him saying, "ugh really your already asleep? well i'm gonna finish it." haha... i wonder if i ever will watch it now.

school is busy. i'm still waiting for my textbook to get here, since i ordered it from amazon. i borrowed my teachers today, since there is a lot of homework piling up.

i found out i probably have to re-take human anatomy and physiology part 2 again. apparently i didnt get a good enough grade to allow me to graduate in my program. so i get to go talk to the health department chair tomorrow, and see if i can get it waived. if not, guess what... i get to take 4 more credits and  5 more hours worth of classes a week. I just dont see how it can be done? the boys are way to demanding, and we cant afford to pay a babysitter. oh well, all will work out for those who put their trust in the lord. right?

thomas got his old job on the grounds crew back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is such a huge incredible blessing. we have been trying to find work, but have had no luck. he was planning to come back to his job, but there was some huge screw up on campus where the custodial department over hired like 50 students, so any available jobs had to be given to those people who were promised jobs or something like that...ugh dont even get me started on all that right now, such a huge mess. anyway we are pretty good friends with the head guy of grounds. his name is jeff. he gave us our awesome table and chairs for free, as well as the enternainment center. (they are so nice and in way good condition) he has always looked out for us and we really appreciate and respect him. anyway we had been talking with him almost daily asking for the job back, and he was so sorry but just could not hire thomas back. we kept calling anyway.....
    today, he called thomas and said "do you still want to work"? anyway.... i dont know what happened, but somehow Jeff hired thomas back on.

it's weird how things work out. the Lord definately does makes it work though. you know whats funny though? thomas talked with a guy last night and was maybe gonna start work like on monday for him, and thomas had two more job offers from other people today. (he may do one of them on saturdays). just goes to show that Heavenly Father is listening and will answer prayers. we went from morning having nothing, to 4 job opportunities within the last 24 hours. now we are just wondering which one he really is supposed to take.?? haha, i think grounds crew though. thats the plan.

I made such an awesome dinner tonight. it was kinda lots of work, and honestly by 5:30 i was almost crying, because i just "knew" it was all going to taste disguting and no one would like it. i screwed up soooo many times. seriously. it was a cafe rio type meal. the sauce for the meat well we put way too much tomato sauce, way too much cumin and probably not enough garlic, with not very much meat. I made home made cafe rio dressing, and didn't put as much cilantro or mayo as it called for, then we didn't have as much lettuce as i thought we did, and i skipped a couple ingredients in almost every thing i made. for example for the tomatillo dressing i didnt put tomatillo's in it.....  i so was sure i didnt even want to eat it.
butttttt..... it was SSSOOOO GOOOOD. thomas adored it. our neighbors that came for dinner loved it. and even i thought it was pretty dang awesome. ( and im not even one who likes mexican type food.)
so... if it can taste that good, with that many screw ups..... im pretty sure you can make it even better.

anyway i found the recipe off of pinterest
i made the....
-Tomatillo Dressing-Café Rio Pork-Café Rio Lime Cilantro Rice

well to end this incredibly long post i just wanted to say that we are so blessed and so grateful for everything we have been given. i'm glad i wrote all this down, so one day i can read back and laugh and remember some good/hard times that we have gone through. i love my savior and my family. they mean everything to me.


Stephanie said...

I'm so glad Thomas got his job back!! Let alone 4 job offers, yay!!! We sure miss you guys. Wish we could have enjoyed that delicious dinner with you. :) Love ya guys!

Kaylynn said...

Happy Birthday to the boys! Reading your blog reminds me of our college days, praying for every dollar, appreciating free furniture, trying to finish school. Just hang on. It does end and gets better (not that you aren't enjoying student life). Finish your degrees and you will never regret it. You will definitely regret it if you don't finish. Good luck!