Saturday, September 24, 2011

1st Birthday :)

It's the boys' birthday today!!!! I can and can't believe it. We celebrated
with a little party last night, and I decided I wanted to do
it baseball themed. I love how it turned out.
I made baseball cookies.

Lot's of them!

And a baseball cap cake. It was super easy. and just look
how fun it is.

The food table :) mmmmmm.....

Kim and Kaleb live upstairs from us. She is due Oct.12
with a little boy. They are the best
and we just love them.

and of course Janae and Tyler. So glad they live so close, and can
visit. Janae came by for a few hours today,
to help me get everything ready and
baked and cleaned. She was a
life saver.
Thomas' Dad was able to come up this weekend,
and celebrate as well.
and of course Andrew (aka Biggs). Love having him live across the street from us too.
What would this world be like without biggs? We just love him too
and all the fun times he brings with him.
I din't get a picture of just Richie and Rachel (pink sweater and sriped shirt
furthest away). But we were glad that they
could come too, and bring their
adorable kiddos.
Miles (richie and rachel's boy).is so hilarious. Here he is eyeing up all
that yummy food. He was telling the boys
Happy Birthday all night.
Thomas' sister and family came too, but we it got dark, and forgot
to get any with them. sorry!
Richie and Rachel gave the boys a big monkey! They loved
it instantly and were crawling and drooling
all over it within just a few minutes.

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I am so grateful to be the mom of these precious boys. i sure love them and wouldn't trade
them for anything. Today I was thinking how things go throughout the day
and how at some moments during the day, I just want to put them outside
with a "For Sale" sign, then there are those billion dollar (priceless)
moments, when they melt my heart, and I remember how much
I completely adore and love my boys. I can't believe they are
one now.  It's been a heck of a year, but the best!
Happy Birthday Kasen and Layton
i love you to the moon
and back.

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Rachel said...

I still think it's crazy that they're on already! thanks for having us over on such short notice! It was a perfect party for 2 twin one year old boys!!