Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Breakfast

Look at this boy. Couldn't be happier to have a sugar cookie for breakfast.
For the record, they rarely have sugar, so this was like sugar OD for them.

mmmm..... loooks pretty tastey!!!
We couldn't really get a picture of Layton holding his cookie with his name on it,
he just took off eating it.
and.... #1 pankackes too!!!! This is a tradition my sister Teija does with her kids on their
birthdays.... and well now my other sister Tyanna does it, and i love the idea too
So, hopefully you don't mind us copying your idea Teija! It's
cute and fun to do for their birthdays!
and I just had to take a picture of the mess i sweeped up after...... i'm
still amazed everyday how often and how much i sweep up.

1 comment:

Mother_Hen_Alms said...

hahaha, sooooo freaking cute! I love the #1 Pancakes. Those boys are too adorable!