Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One of the few pictures I have of just me and my boys. I'm always just taking pictures of them.

Some fun things I should be documenting......

-still army crawling most of the time. Knows how to crawl on all fours, but thinks it's too slow and drops down to his tummy and army crawls.
-if you tilt your head to one side, Kasen will imitate you and tilt his head. Seriously, it is SO adorable.
-loves any kind of pasta dish. We went to craigos and I got a plate for myself. Kasen literally ate the whole things, except four bites, that I was able to sneak into my tummy.
-he pulls himself up on everything, but hasn't figured out how to sit back down
-he loves to put dirt, sand, rocks and bark in his mouth
-when he is upset he cries like he just broke his arm, it's so dramatic
-he loves imitating things i do and is always making noises with his lips
-he still loves bath time, and just swims around and plays with toys, he could be content in their all day.
-he is pretty sensitive sometimes, if i raise my voice while telling him no he breaks down and cries, not because i'm telling him no but because i raised my voice
-he is such a sweet little guy, and is all smiles in the mornings when i come get him out of bed

-learned how to wave hello on sunday (sept.11) morning. I poked my head out of the bathroom and waved and said hi layton!!! and he waved back at me. Now he waves to almost anyone that walks by. So funny.
-crawls up down and all around anyone and everything, on all fours, and he is FAST
-is a little bit more of a picky eater, but not too bad. He is loving plums and bananas lately. He also likes bread, but if i put some ham and cheese on it he picks it off or spits it out
-hates getting dressed and getting strapped in the car seat
-laughs at pretty much anything
-is one of the kids that needs his nap right when it's nap time.
-loves the dishwasher and pulling out DVD's and books from the shelf
-he loves when I do "5 little monkeys"
-isn't liking the bath so much lately, he about crawls out within a couple minutes of putting him in there
-loves being throw in the air and walking/almost running with his walker

-give awesome high fives
-are friendly and will go to anyone
-just got their second hair cuts on Saturday Sept.10th.
-love being outside. Everytime I open the door they boogie as fast as their little crawls can take them to the door, only to end it with crying once I shut it.

-neither of them are really interested in toys. They would rather play with dirt and rocks and keys and anything in moms purse and shoes.


Guynns said...

Kayla this is Karlee Thomason Guynn, your boys are soooo adorable! I can't believe how old they are already. Last time i saw you you were still pregnant! Gla to see you are doing so well & loving your boys. Tell your family hello!

The Potries said...

so cute love this post! we miss you soo much!