Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Shoot

I couldn't help but take some pictures today. I haven't taken too many pictures lately, so I got them all dressed up and did their hair (it's getting too long in the front, but oh well, it's still cute)

Tacey and the boys!

Kasen is almost two inches taller then Layton! I wonder if it will stay that way. Kasen looks way taller than Layton in this one!

There are my little chunky monkey boys! Almost every day Grandma says how chunky they are! haha

The boys and Tacey. Tacey is always trying to give them their bottles and help feed them and stuff, or she takes them away just so she can try and give them back to them. It's way cute. Today I looked over and she was holding both the boys' bottles and they were crying. I said "Tacey!" and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights. So funny. She's is a good little helped though and the boys love her and laugh at her when she talks to them. I think she loves them too. Often enough we look over and she is giving them hugs and kisses or laying on them or sitting on their heads or something.. it's funny though, because (although she is almost two) she is only like a pound heavier then them so they, for the most part just laugh at her.

Tyanna with her precious little boy. Kesler is getting so big and smiley!

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