Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What we were up to the week of Easter

This was such a fun day! We went fourwheeling for a few hours. All of us couples went and were able to get a couple baby sitters for all of the kids. I love this picture of us. It's like the only one we have gotten together for like a year.

He tackled me, but then I got him back!

I just Love Love Love this picture. We stopped off at Grandma's on our fourwheeeling adventure. She is the best ever. She is turning ninety in just a couple weeks and she is still in the best shape ever. Always working in the flower beds mowing the lawn (with a push mower) and all sorts of stuff like that. Epic picture if you ask me!

Little Kesler was blessed on Easter Sunday. Kasen is asleep in the car seat.

Me and My nephew Connor! We had a good little ride together. He wants to be a space man (astronaut), or a farmer when he grows. We talked all about how it would be so cool to be able to be a space man so he would touch the moon and fly through the stars and stuff like that. So cute. I also took his twin brother Cade for a ride, and he was super excited when he asked if he could be a farmer and a cowboy at the same time and I said yes. That's what he want's to be so he can wear a gun in his pocket, and have big guns like grandpa gwilliam and swing a rope at cows and stuff.

Thomas cute his hair. Lol, but only this much. He came down and got some pretty good howl and screams from everyone. haha. Don't worry I sent him straight back upstairs to finish the job.

Boating, behind the fourwheeler through the pond.

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