Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I took the boys 9-12 month clothes out the other day just to make sure everything was still too big. It seems every time I get the next size up out, some barely still fit them. Anyway, I found these adorable shirts and couldn't resist taking some 'cowboy' pictures of the boys. They were pretty tired and not all into it, so it didn't last long, but I think they are still pretty cute!Layton was especially having a hard time, this was like the only one that I got that he wasn't screaming...ya this picture taking didn't last long for him.
Kasen was pretty good though.
And this is our sweet little Kasen. Kasen has the biggest smiles, even though they are mostly just opening his mouth super wide! It is so cute. He is super chunky. Every time I pick him up he instantly try to get a hold of my hair. I think it is a fetish of his. He is literally always always always reaching and trying to get my hair, either to just hold, or chew on and pull. He LOVES my hair. He is a lot more tentative with things like being tossed in the air. It usually just scares him. Even going down the stairs fast, he will hold me super tight and we get to the bottom. Kasen loves to sit in his car seat, he loves being outside, and he loves not having any pants on. He would much rather just hang out in just a onesie all day. He is grabbing for everything at the table, and anything else that in his way. He is rolling over everywhere, and I think he is interested in trying to crawl, but lacks the motivation to actually try too much with it. He would rather just sit up and talk talk talk, while chewing and drooling all over some toys.

These two look a lot alike! Lucky boys! So handsome!
Everyone up here thinks we look a lot alike and always say, "Look it's Kayla's Minnie Me". This picture doesn't show it all that much, but we do look a lot alike! Lucky little guy! haha

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Ranae Broadhead said...

um... i miss you and your babies, and this photoshoot was so adorable!! they are getting soo big, and harder to tell apart!