Thursday, April 7, 2011

Utah Trip

We went to Utah last weekend and we had a blast. We were able to see a lot of Thomas' friends and family. These are some of Thomas' buddies that he grew up with.
Branson, Nate, Will, Thomas and Dan.

This is Marilyn. She is so sweet and fun. Kasen was loving all the attention and loved her especially. She got him smiling and laughing lots.

Kasen's smile is pretty much opening his mouth wide open and smiling at the same time. So cute.

Will and his wife Kaitlin. They just got married in December and we teased them about having babies lots!
This is momma laura (as Thomas calls her). Thomas lived with this family for a while, and thinks of Laura as his second mom. She is soooo funny and full of enthusiasm! We just love her.

All of us! It was so fun to see everyone. We love dropping by and seeing everyone when we come to Utah.

Happy little boys! They sure got lots of attention from all the family and friends in Utah!
More pictures from Thomas' camera to come.

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