Saturday, March 26, 2011

Check Up

The boys had their six month old visit to the doctor yesterday. I can't believe it, but they way the exact same. 16 lbs 3 oz. Layton has definately played catch up... in fact I guess technically he is fatter then Kasen now, well kind of... Kasen is almost a full inch taller. So fun to watch them grow. I so hate when they have to get their shots, it's really sad, but they did a lot better this time compared to the first set of shots they got.

We also took the boys over to our old OBGYN office, (its just right across the hallway from the pediatrician office). We showed off the boys to Dr. Meredith and Shannon (our ultra sound tech all through the pregnany). We loved Shannon and she was way happy to see the boys.

I also asked about doing an internship there for next winter. I have a good foot in the door I just gotta drop off my resume and check back in the fall to see if I could do it at the OBGYN office. I would LOVE that, but I could try and get one down stairs at the internal medicine office. That would be pretty neat too and probably a little bit more exciting because I could give shots and to EKG's and stuff in that office. I had to get an EKG in that internal medicine office when I was pregnant. The main Doctor there was so excited to do an EKG on me because he had never seen a patient who has Myasthenia gravis and pregnant let alone pregnant with twins. Anyway I was the very rare case, and all the doctor's always told me how they always talked about me and knew who I was. Anyway so I am kind of known in that office too so i'm hoping to get an internship next winter in at least one of those offices. Would be so so great!

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