Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We Made It

We made it to Canada! :) It's been great so far and the boys are loving all of the attention they are getting and the company coming to visit.... Bryn, Jill, Anna, Donna and Grandma have all already come to visit! Not too bad for it only being our second day here. We loved seeing all of them. Everyone says how chunky they are. I guess im just used to it. haha I didn't really think that they were all that big! The time change and travelling and everything has sure put the boys off a routine but oh well... hopefully it will come back. They went to bed at 6:30 last night.. Luckily Kasen slept tlil 5:30 am.. but Layton still woke up a couple time! Oh well! I just feel bad and hope they dont wake up mom and dad every night :( Anyway we are here finally, and our trip went pretty smoothly... minus the over an hour detour we took almost to golden... but we we are here now and happy to be!


Ranae Broadhead said...

I miss u guys already!!! So much has gone on With us these last few days. Do u guys still have the same numbers? How are we supposed to keep in contact

Rachel said...

I was trying to comment on the post below, but it wasn't letting me for some reason. How fun you got to visit the Garners!! Love those guys. Glad you made it safe and sound to Canada. OH! By the way, those PB cookies you brought us, we both agreed, were by far the best PB cookies either of us has ever had. Seriously, so good. Thank you!!

Marissa said...

Oh I remember the whole scheduling conflict every time we traveled any where. So frustrating! But I'm so glad you made it up there safely and we can't wait to see you in a few days! It's been waaaay too long, Kayla! Love you.