Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Last week we had quite a difficult and emotional week trying to figure out how to parent Kasen. He is struggling lately. He keeps causing trouble and then not accepting consequences which has lead to full blown tantrums/ yelling/ storming to room and crying for an hour. It's been quite difficult, but I am trying my best. I hope we can help him to understand the importance of good behavior. I'm not sure what is triggering it all, but I hoping we can figure it out. Sometimes I wonder if it's end of the school year burn out, not getting enough sleep because of tonsil/adenoid issues (surgery scheduled for July.2), control issues, lack of comprehension, or just straight up stubborn behavior. Lately has just been particularly difficult for him to nagivate. Lot's of prayers on his behalf that is for sure.

This morning Layton was drawn to participate in the ground breaking for the renovations and additions to Harwood elementary that will be happening. It's starting next week. They are making a new full size gym, adding 8 classrooms, extending the library, adding an admin office to the front etc. It's going to fun and exciting to see all the changes. Layton got to wear the hard hat and and shovel and dig for the ground breaking. It was so cute. Leah came with and Thomas happened to be home this morning so we all went. On the way home we picked up Noa Ricks to watch for a couple of hours. I got gas, deposited some checks, delivered some books to someone, did feedback, now i'm home and will probably work on some UBAM stuff.

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