Monday, May 27, 2019


I taught my 4 classes this morning. Luckily, i'm feeling rested and my classes went well. Cute kids. Then we got breakfast going and Thomas' only job for today cancelled so we decided to head out on a hike. We went to the butte and hiked 4 miles. It was a fun family time. It was chilly, but good for hiking. Leah is usually a really great little hiker, but she got whiny and wanted to be carry for a lot of it. I probably carried her close to two miles.  A big part up hill! When we got home from our hike we showered and got ready. We were going to hurry and go do a bunch of errands and grocery shopping in Idaho Falls, then i was like, "Thomas I really don't want to do that! Let's just chill and we will leave a bit early before we go to Adam & Mari's to grab some essentials, but I don't wanna spend our day off shopping." So we didn't hhaha. Thomas and the kids watched a show. I read and then napped. It was soooo nice! Then we left around 4 to head to Adam & Mari's for dinner. It was a good nice simple evening. We had sandwiches and all just visited. It was great. We left around 9, had to stop at Winco for milk, then got home at around 9:30 i think. Kids went straight to bed. I read a chapter or two then called it a night.

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