Saturday, February 2, 2019


A few of my favorite things!

Leah loves to dance and sing. She is really good at both and has a brave, but sometimes cute shy streak. She loves to be funny and make  everyone laugh. She loves to have cereal for breakfast and she also loves oranges, apples, grapes, yogurt, and nutella sandwiches. She is so darn sweet and the way she says "Hi, Mom" first thing in the morning is just the sweetest little sound i've ever heard. She loves to play "family" and color and do crafts. She's obsessed with play dough and spending time with Daddy and her brothers.

Today the boys had a basketball game and they did so good! They ended up losing the game, but they played so hard. They both had so much hustle and more aggression which is what I trying to teach them about. On the way to the game I told them that it was less about talent and more about hustle and hard work, I think it kind of clicked cause they both did so much better. Kasen scored one basket. Layton didn't score but I was so proud of their hard work.

On Wednesday I went to parent teacher conferences. I love going to those cause it gives me a boost in my self confidence as a parent. Both of their teachers had nothing but good to say about both of them. They are both at the top of their class and all of their testings caps their grade testing at Grade.3 month 11, but Mrs.Stewart said they are both higher than that. They have the tops scores on their tests for Math and they are good examples to their class mates. I am so proud of them and it helps me feel like i'm actually doing something right. It takes a village to raise a child though and my boys are surrounded by teachers, scout leaders, primary teachers, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors that are all such great examples for them.

Things are going well for Thomas and I. We having been looking at new vehicles and a new house. Mostly just for fun. But we are pretty excited to be debt free now and look forward to some new financial goals. Yay! We went rock climbing with the Mia Maids and Laurels on Tuesday. It was super fun. I have only ever been rock climbing once like 10 years ago. I actually did pretty darn good. Spent a full week teaching and doing UBAM stuff.  Life is good and we are so blessed. I'm so grateful for our health and family.

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