Thursday, September 27, 2018


Today my boys turned 8! I can't believe that I am the momma of two 8 year old boys. How has that happened? I took their class treats in the morning, and stayed and helped in the classroom for a bit. After school we hung out and got the Wii set up for them. (We got a Wii from Aunt Stephanie) and gave it to them Sunday night for their birthday. They had a blast playing and playing! We got little caesars for dinner (their fav) and then went to a straw maze with their Nelson cousins/aunts/uncles. It was such a fun fun night and  I was pleasantly surprised and grateful everything turned out well and even better than expected! The boys had a perfect birthday and didn't complain about anything or wanting more of anything, which was great.

Kasen is still my little cuddle bug which I love. He has more of my personality, but Thomas' interests. He is very social and has lots of friends, but he HATES  being the center of attention and being in front of people. I used to be that way too. On Sunday it was their primary program and he wouldn''t do it. He was to scared and didn't want to be in front of people. He cried and cried. I felt bad for him, but told him how special and important he was and that it was okay if he didn't go up. I encouraged him to, and bribed him, but he is also the most stubborn boy ever so he didn't. It's okay though. He has so many talents and brings so much happiness to our home that just because he doesn't like to be in front of people doesn't mean anything about his value and significance. Kasen loves wearing his hear shorter and spiked up. His favorite colors and black and blue. He loves to be outside and is a natural at shooting. He's got great aim. He's smart in school, reading super well and is liking his primary and school (somewhat anyway ha). He loves to be silly, hates the camera, loves his family, hates veggies, and loves playing with Leah. He loves to read, loves animals, and loves bones and rocks. He's a really good brother.

Layton is our jokester and attention lover. He's absolutely obsessed with books and is actually #1 or #1 (not sure which) for a competition with his whole school for who can read the most pages by the end of the year. He has a ton of confidence (maybe too much at times... he gets a little cocky sometimes). ha! Layton has a really hard work ethic and tries his best at everything, he's struggles with aim and throwing, but doesn't ever let it get him down. Layton is fun, and has a very attentive spirit that is good at recognizing the Holy Ghost. He always does things to help others and knows how to recognize good from bad. His laugh is sooo contagious. He has an awesome belly laugh and he laughs loudly at almost everything. It's awesome.

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