Thursday, September 13, 2018


One of my students just got a "Student IT" for class, so I didn't teach and got to leave early. I have a few minutes to write about the day.

I felt SOOO productive today. Taught 4 classes, got the kids out the door, worked out, showered (all by 9 am) then got ready and cleaned up the house then picked up Noa Ricks (Leah's joy school buddy) we switch kids Monday/Thursdays. So I took Noa and Lea to Rigby Lake to ride bikes around it! It was a brisk morning but felt perfect for riding bikes. There was a TON of arguing about who was fastest... (Leah was wayyyy ahead the whole time and I kept having to bike 1/8 mile up ahead to her to tell her to wait for us). That girl.. she seriously CRUISES on that little bike of her. She is so dang fast. I think i'm gonna take just her tomorrow and see how fast we can do a mile. I won't be surprised when she kills it! ha!

We biked the lake, then went to the bank to deposit checks and get suckers for the kids. Then we went to the library, came home and had snacks, then did some music activities that i got from the library. After Noa left I made croissant dough and made ham and cheese croissants for lunches. Then I was having a weird sharp pain in my head so I put a show on for Leah and took a nap. It was amazing! The boys came home and we really didn't do much. Hung out, got their homework done, I worked on UBAM stuff for a while, played outside, Kasen cleaned up the back yard, then we all watched an episode of "Once Upon a Time" together. Thomas didn't get home till about 7:40, then we got the kids off to bed, and I headed down to teach a class, which was cancelled early! Woot woot! That was my day today!

I am so grateful for the many blessing I have!!

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