Wednesday, September 12, 2018


I've been feeling very sad lately about my lack of keeping a record of life, happenings and the adorableness of my precious kiddos. I know this will be a huge regret one day for me.

This morning when I got done teaching my VIPKID classes, I came upstairs and as is normal Leah was very happy and excited to see me. She always yells "MOMMMMMM" and then gives me big hugs and snuggles and kisses! This morning was no different. I always makes me so loved and important.

I've been going through a "thing" lately. I think we've bascially decided to be done having kids. So with this new reality that I didn't think was going to be mine at age 29, i'm realizing that so many things i've taken for granted are going to end, and sooner than I thought. It will only be another year or two and I wont have little hands holding mine, excited jump up and down hello's every morning, small arms around my neck and "mom hold me" and "mom snuggle me" moments.

In the last episode of "The Office" one of the main characters talks about how you don't realize that you are in the "good old days" until you are out of them. How cool would it be if we could recognize our days right NOW as good ol days.

Kasen has a cute little "crush" on this girl named Addy in his class. This morning conversation

Layton: I'm friends with Addy.
Me: Did you hear that Kasen?? Layton said he is friends with your girlfriend!
Kasen: She's MINE!!! (with fists in the air and a huge teasing smile on his face)
All: laugh and laugh and laugh

We spent the morning cleaning the house, doing play dough, and only one meltdown because I wouldn't let Leah bring her play dough and play kitchen into my room.

The boys got home from Early Release at 2:00 and we boogied up to Rexburg to deliver books to the hospital! I do my annual book drive for them and they are always so grateful for the donations. Erika Moss is the gal's name who is over Labor & Delivery. She is very nice, and I love doing my annual book drive in honor of Kyrum!

We went to WalMart and while we were there Layton found Book 5 of "Dog Man" and he almost cried because of how excited he was! He's been dying to read it and loves that series. I told him no. Then while Layton was putting it back, Kasen was super adamant and supportive of buying it for Layton. "Mom Layt really really really wants that book. He loves Dog Man. We should get it for him for his birthday".

Kasen is not really one to care so much about this sort of thing, so his plea touched me and I loved how important it was to him to make Layton happy. We made a plot and Kasen snuck, back got the book, and between a few different distractions we were able to hide it from Layton through the check out line and all the way! It was so fun to have this secret plan with Kase!

We had Potato soup and bread sticks for dinner then the boys had their Primary Presidency people come over to give them a little gift and talk to them about their upcoming baptism. They got a baptism book and a white towel. It was a great conversation and we are so ready for their big day coming up on Sept.29.

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