Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Leah has been taking the shortest mornings naps lately and I'm not sure why. Hopefully she will get back into the groove of things again soon. With all the changes lately she's been a bit more fussy than normal, but today she was much more happy which so good to see. They boys were invited by their friend to go play today for a couple hours. I'm glad they got to go play- he is a good kid! Tonight after dinner and dishes we went on a little drive out in the country. It's therapeutic for us. I know we shouldn't always want more, and I am so grateful for everything we have been given, but we love to dream about living out in the country on 5-10 acres on day with animals. Almost everyday the boys ask, "can we talk about our farm". I guess we are all dreamers around these parts! :)

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Rachel said...

We know exactly how you guys feel. :) We love what we have, but man...one day... When you guys find your 5-10 acres, let us know and maybe there will be some more land close by for us, and we can have a huge farm together! Ahhh dreams.