Monday, April 25, 2016


Well Easter happened and it was a lot of fun this year! We painted a ton of eggs with the Hutchins. I was so glad Chas and Teija came to visit. We LOVED having them here. Thomas had to work a lot though and it was totally crappy weather though, so that put a damper on a lot of fun activities! They actually weren't here for Easter morning, but stayed at some other friends house Saturday night since we were doing other activities with them on Saturday. So they decided to spend the night there and just head out from their house. We had a ton of eggs (fake and real) to hide for the boys. In fact there were way too many and they got bored by the end trying to find them all. We hid Layton's easter basket in a small hidden nook of the pantry and we hid Kasen's in the storage/Thomas' man cave in the basement. It was a lot of fun and nice not to have church until 1pm because we got to really relax, hang out, and enjoy Easter morning

 Leah of course loved the plastic eggs. She had a blast dumping them all out and spreading them around the entire room. What a little cutie! For all the kids we gave them books, candy and Leah got a little doll as well.. (I love working for Usborne!)

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