Sunday, November 15, 2015

Leah is 6 months Old

Leah, Leah, Leah...... I can't believe you are SIX months old. This can't be happening. It's going too fast, and now that you are six months old that means that you are half way to being a year, which is just crazy. You continue to light up our lives. You are very easy going. You are starting to take a bottle with mommy's milk, which will hopefully be nice if I ever need to be away from you for more than a couple of hours. You are moving all around. You aren't crawling, but definitely roll and push yourself around. You are sitting up by yourself for quite a while, but still flop over. It's probably my fault I don't practice with you much because I like your little-ness. Sitting up by yourself makes you seem bigger. We have dabbled in some baby food. You are not a fan at all. We have tried rice cereal which you hate. The oatmeal kind you kind of tolerate, but not really. We've tried mixing with apple sauce and sweet potatoes and pears. I think the pears are the most bearable for you, but you still spit out most everything. You are rolling over both ways, love to watch your brothers. They are so good to you and love to make you laugh. You sleep all night 7-7 with one feeding around 10:30. You occasionally wake up around 3 or 4, but not very often which is nice. You have a blanket that you prefer to snuggle with. You don't love your car seat. You don't really like your binky, but sometimes like to fall asleep with it in. Your smile lights up everyone around you. Just yesterday and lady came up to me and said, "I just wanted to tell you that you have the most beautiful little girl. I just want to hold her. She's absolutely adorable!" It was so cute and kind of funny because just seconds before I discovered you had a blow out, so I told her "Sure! You can take her! She just had a blow out!" We both laughed. She was a sweet lady, and she was right. You are so beautiful!

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Ranae Broadhead said...

shes so so so cute! and getting so big!
jake was the same way with baby foods/cereal. so we just started to feed him table foods and he LOVED it. very soft table foods :)