Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Poem

Maybe this is really silly but I wrote this poem this morning.....

We went to sleep early last night
The kids were pretty and good and didn't put up much of a fight
Our apartment was in good shape; it's definitely been more dirty
Leah wok up and wanted to eat at 5:30.
After feeding my beautiful daughter
I laid in bed thinking of our potential home and our offer
Sleep barely came  but dreaming was vivid
A short prayer was said and I knw for much we would be provided
We started the morning with cartoons and snuggles
I thought of our life and all of our struggles
Grandpa dear, for the morning was here
He tickeld the boys there was laughter and cheer
The morning got busy with dishes, laundry and directing
COnstant thoughts kept on coming would our offer be worth accepting?
For reasons unknown things got chaotic
The house soon became a disastre zone- oh well i've got it!
The living room had blue blankets that was the ocean with boxes as boats
Animals are safely inside so they will flot
Diapers and sweeping, get dressed and do jobs
Feeding and scripture reading and talking through kids' sobs
This was my morning the good and the bad
Hoping and wishing our offer would stand
A few texts that morning made my heart flutter
But no word from our agent made me want to mutter'Until all the suddent at 9:32
I got the word we would be HOME OWNERS soon

I know it's a little silly, and some of it doesn't rhyme great, but it is what it is. I'll probably add more to it later.

So yes. We bought a house. After going back and forth with a couple of counter-offers they accepted our last one, and we will be in our OWN home by December.10. Just in time for Christmas. I can't even believe it. Our very own home........

We are beyond blessed and acknowledge the hand of the Lord in our lives. Everything has just worked out so perfectly. He has a plan for us and moving to this house is part of it. I can just feel it! We are so excited. Our kids are finally going to have a great place to play and run and have plenty of room. The back yard is huge and had a playground area and everything.


Rachel said...

Congrats you guys! It's such a big, fun, scary, exciting step. :) Hope everything goes super smoothly! Can't wait to see it.

sally said...

Congratulations, Kayla! I am so thrilled for you and Thomas to have a place to call your own! A place to raise your family with memories like you had growing up: warm, inviting, safe, Godly, home. You and Thomas have stayed strong through all that life has thrown you and this house is just God's blessing for you both.

I like that you are writing poetry! Keep at it!