Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Have a Couple of 5 Year Olds!

We have 5 year olds!!! I can't get over it. I can believe they are 5, but I can't believe that I am the mother to these 5 year olds. haha. A lot of these pictures are going to be out of order, but that's ok.

Where do I even start? 5 years ago these boys made me a mom. I was clueless, and nervous, but willing. The last five years with these guys by my side has the hardest, yet most rewarding and amazing journey ever. 

Layton ( or Layto Potato as we call him) is on the left. He has a huge imagination and is lost in his thoughts and ideas. When he is playing it's like no one else is around and he is in his own little world. Layton LOVES to draw and color. He usually spends about 2 hours a day coloring. Our house is always filled with papers, crayons, markers, pencil crayons, paint brushes, scissors and tape everywhere. Layton is really good at writing his name, and other words. He likes stability and isn't one to dive into new things right away. He is really really good at memorizing songs, he loves to dance in front of the mirror (it's hilarious), he is always cracking jokes and asking questions. He loves soccer, cereal and pizza. His favorite movies are Rescue Bots, The Cat in the Hat, and Air Bud.

Kasen ( or Kaso Waso as we call him), is such a fun little boy. He is good at whistling, giving hugs, saying I love you and being incredibly observant. He is a little negotiator and is always up for a challenge or adventure. He wants to climb the highest, jump the farthest, run the fastest and be the first one to try new things. He is more outgoing when meeting new people, (usually). He loves snakes, any reptile, dinosaurs, and the desert, (does NOT take after me with these interests). His favorite sport is basketball, and he likes to practice sports. :) His favorite movies are Jumanji, Daniel Tiger, and Dino-Trux.

They got new lego's for their birthday. They had been asking for these specific ones for a couple of months. Kasen got the camper set and Layton got the firetruck one.

I have a couple of little posers!

The day before the boys birthday we went back to Ogden because all three kids had doctor appointments. We made the trip because Thomas' insurance doesn't kick in until a month into employment. We stayed at Adam and Mari's and Grandma Tari and Natalie came up and we did cake, ice cream and presents.

They got some silly putty and played with it non-stop all night.

On their birthday I let them pick what activities they wanted to do. Kasen wanted to hot tub and Layton wanted to color outside while we sat in hot tub.

 PB&J for birthday lunch!

Night night boys! and HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!

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