Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oh the Possibilities.

This morning we went and picked up Mom in Idaho Falls since Dad is working there today. It is SO fun and nice to have them visit so frequently with Dad traveling all the time. So we picked up Mom at their hotel and went to Hobby Lobby. Gosh I love that store. So many cute things that I would just love to buy about a million things from. After Hobby Lobby I randomly decided we should stop in Rigby and look around a couple of houses we have had our eye on. We stopped at both at them (just the outside and poked our heads in the windows), and it made me really excited. I told Thomas I liked them both, contacted our real estate agent and made appointments to look at them at six tonight. Tonight we went and looked at the both. We really love the one and are really seriously considering putting an offer in on it. Obviously, who knows what will happen, but we are really excited about the possibility of house buying-especially this one. Details to come!

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