Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Last night Kasen came in our room, crawled in bed next to me, and situated himself perfectly snuggled in my arms. He has always been our little snuggler. I love it. He told me he was scared of something so he wanted to sleep by me. After a few minutes of just loving having him snuggled up with me I told him he needed to go back to bed. He reiterated that something was scaring him. So I told him he could go get his blanket at pillow and sleep on the floor next to me. He quietly and obediently said ok mom. Went to his room. Got his pillow and blanket and laid down on the floor. I put an extra blanket on top of him to keep him warm. It may sound silly but these moments reminded me that my boys are growing up. He got his blanket and pillow all by himself without a fuss. I didn't HAVE to do ANYTHING. While it was nice and i'm not complaining about this little experience, it did remind me of how time passes quickly and how each new step brings differences into my life. It's a bitter sweet thing. I read something the other day that talked about how this person was going to stop complaining about how her kids were growing up to fast because it is something that too many people do not get to experience. These are wise words. Be grateful that you get to see your kids grow into little people. Be grateful you get to watch them learn and experience new things. Some people don't get to experience that-including us, from losing our sweet Kyrum. Parenthood is wonderful.

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