Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day to Day

Leah slept in till 9:30 am this morning. She has been doing this for the last few days. I'll take it. Although, her naps are only like an hour at a time during the day. We cleaned up the house, did some laundry, did some school prep, the boys played lego's and colored. We did lunch then went to the clubhouse. Layton did 16 laps around the gym without stopping. It was awesome. Kasen isn't feeling the greatest today and didn't have much energy today. He and I played some air hockey. I printed off a General Conference Packet for the boys to have some activities to do during conference this weekend. I talked to a real estate agent and a loan lender about looking into some potential options for house buying info. Even if we don't buy soon, it will be good to get a feel for things. Class went well today. We just did some reviewing and practicing of vitals, temperatures, aseptic hand washing and positioning. Then we did some drug reviews because their first drug test opens today. I'm anxious to see how they do!

So nothing to exciting about today, but I know one day I will love reading back on the day to day life in our family.

I have been doing SO much pondering and thinking about parenting lately. Most of the time I try not to pay attention to how other people parent, because I am a big believer on doing what I feel is best with my kids individually. Well I have been chatting with a friend and she has been sending me summaries of a book she is reading and it's getting me all down on myself again. It talks about why time outs and counting to 3 doesn't work, and about how rewards turn our kids into entitled adults who need to be acknowledged all the time, and all about using a calm and soft voice all the time and how this will change how our kids listen to us. It also talks about how we need to acknowledge qualities instead of outcomes (hard work, patience, diligence).

I seriously look at other families and their kids listen SO good and from one family to the other their approaches are SO different. hmmmmm..... Thomas and I both feel like our boys just don't listen to us and it's hard because I have tried EVERYTHING. I've tried to give them tons of one on one attention because that's supposed to help melt downs and tantrums because they feel loved and appreciated. I've tried talking softly and calmly and explaining things and working through things together. I always say please and Thank You. I offer to help them. I've tried rewards. I've tried threatening. I've tried routines. I've tried time outs, spankins, and punishments. I involve myself in what THEY want to do. I've tried explaining why it's not good to tell mom no. How I don't appreciate it. How ignoring me is rude. The list goes on and on.We discipline when they get mouthy, I ask them over and over and over again to do things. It's like no amount of love- or on the flip side no amount of discipline makes them listen any better..... anyway..... I'm not even writing this to get sympathy or suggestions, it's just sometimes I need to write it down to get it off my chest. That's my life today.

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The Gwilliams said...

You're doing great Kayla! I believe a sign of a good parent is one who is always trying to improve their parenting and isn't content. Your heart felt desire is there :)

And you're absolutely's so nice to just write.