Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Calming Down

Wow! Today is the first day in about a month that I haven't felt completely rushed and stressed about the million things I had to do. It was nice to kind of chill out a bit and just be a mom. Don't get me wrong  I still did some teaching prep stuff, but not near as much as normal. I adore my kiddos.

Things are going really well. I am really loving teaching. I still feel so inadequate, but so so grateful for this absolutely incredible opportunity. I am constantly thinking about how blessed we are to have this for me and for our family. It's the perfect amount of time-just six hours a week. So I am not away from the kids too much. We are so blessed. I keep thinking something terrible is going to happen because things are going well right now.

 Thomas is enjoying his job. There are a lot of adjustments starting a new job. New people, new equipment, new environment and everything, so he is trying to get the hang of things. All in all though he is liking it and learning lots.

We are hoping that we can buy a house sooner than later. It's just too expensive to rent this place. It's nice and everything, but we both feel like it's a good time to look into it. Maybe we will change our minds once we figure out more details and interest rates etc. but anyway I know it will all work out just like it should and when the right time comes we will find the perfect place that will be perfect for our family.

The boys are doing well. They turned five last week. I'll have to do a separate birthday post just about them. They get kind bored without having a yard. I can't let them outside because there are just way too many people and vehicles- unless I am with them. There is an indoor basketball court and a kids play room right off of the fitness center so we try to get over there and run around every day. I really want to get them into the pre-school at the University in January. It's a really great program and pretty cheap (comparatively), and I just think it would be good for them. They are smart little guys, and are just fine socially, but it will give them something to do. It would be ideal for them to go while I am teaching. The pre-school area is in the same building I teach at, so that would be great if we can get it to work out that way.

Leah is perfect. My sweet little rainbow baby is just our little miracle angel. She lights up my day ALL the time. She is so smiley, and so good and is really starting to jabber and is finding her voice. She screams and yells-not in a whiney annoying way, but just in delight. She just loves her momma and Daddy so much and we just adore her. She sleeps from 7-8pm ish-8am ish (. With a feeding at 10:30 and 5:30. So pretty darn good. She is a pro at rolling over. Loves to be outside. Is drooling an gnawing on her hands all the time. Grabs toys really well. When she is laying on the ground she will lift her head up, like she is in a sit ups position, and she will hold it forever. I'm not kidding you like a solid 30 seconds happens regularly. It's so crazy. I couldn't even it hold it like that for that long. She is a small little thing, but has a big bright personality. She doesn't let me snuggle her to sleep anymore. She just likes her freedom too much..... it makes me sad :( She finally took a bottle 5 or 6 times. Now she refuses again. Oh well. I'm only gone for two hours so I guess she won't starve to death if she won't take a bottle. We will keep trying though.

That's us in a little nutshell for now!

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