Sunday, June 28, 2015

This Week and Growing Up

This blogging every day is hard! I feel like just posted a ton, but it's been 5 days since the last. Aaron and Marissa went to Europe for vacation so Mom has been watching their kids. I went down and hung out for a couple days. It was fun and the boys just love playing there all day. Thomas had a busy 60 hour work week plus on call hours. So I didn't see him much, but it's ok because the extra money is going to be so nice. Today (Sunday) has been so nice because we all have been home together all day (except for church of course). As I got Leah ready in a cute Sunday dress and did her hair with a cute head band I had another "i can't believe she's mine" moments. She is just the cutest thing and we are all over the moon for her. She is going to be so spoiled. Leah slept all through church and I finally took her out of her car seat with 1/2 hour left, just because I wanted to snuggle her. The boys immediately swooned over her (we all did) and Kasen loudly said, " Hi Leah! We Love You!" It was so cute and we got a few smiles our way lol.

On a side note. You know how Kasen had been screaming, yelling, complete freaking out tantrums for like 2 years (or was it 3??) when we had to go to church? Literally, every single Sunday for months and months and months on end Kasen would have complete utter meltdowns the second he saw me in a skirt and found out it was Sunday. More often then not it took both me and Thomas  holding him down just to get his clothes on. Screaming, kicking, crying the whole sha-bang went on and on and on. I almost wished I filmed it now so I could prove the utter chaos, stubborness and tantrums he would throw. He would cry and cry and cry. It was miserable. More often than not it left me crying, not only because of his behavior but because I thought he would never like church. I am finally able to report that (cross your fingers) he is over the melt downs. I honestly thought it would never end. I always told myself "it's just a phase." But it's hard to keep telling yourself "its just a phase" when the weeks turn to months and the months turn to years. But he is growing up and he understands things better. He is such a sweet boy and i'm glad he enjoys church for the most part now. I sure love him and our little Layton too!

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