Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sometimes we just Survive

Today was a long hard day. It started out great. We woke up and I made french toast for breakfast then decided we should all go on a walk/run/bike ride before it got too hot. Thomas didn't have to work until 12-9 so he was there too. I walked/jogged two miles. The boys bikes and Thomas walked with the stroller for the most part. It was fun. The boys played at the park and climbed the trees while I ran some more. We came home got things cleaned up and I was feeling like super mom. I fed Leah while the boys sat on either side of the arms of the chair and I read to them. Just picture that... nursing and reading to two kids. I felt so blessed to be surrounded by THREE of my kiddos! We read from the magic tree hours books that we got from the library and we enjoyed the reading for a while.

Then it seemed like the rest of the day went down hill from there. Leah did not sleep all afternoon and evening. She would sleep for 15 minute stretches but that's it. I'm pretty sure it's because I ate spicy food and it was bothering her tummy (at least that's all I can think of). Anyway she was up and fussy for hours and hours. Then by mid afternoon the boys were on the last straw too. They've been pretty sleep deprived lately (me too)

so they were grumpy as can be and whiny. So all of us were grumpy. We basically just survived the rest of the day and I lost my temper way too much. I put the boys to bed at 7:20, and they didn't make one peep. I'm so glad that they went to bed early and easily. Leah didn't finally actually sleep until 10 pm. Which was about when Thomas got home. What an exhausting day.

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